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Topics of Interest include but not limited to:

Analogue and Digital Signal Processing 

Artificial Intelligence 

Big Data and Data Processing 

Bioenergy and Utilization 

Communication Systems 

Control Theory and Optimisation 

Diagnosis and Sensing Systems 

Distributed Generation 

Electric Vehicles (EVs)  

Electrical Generators 

Electrical Motor Drives 

Electromagnetic and Applied Superconductivity 

Electronics, Information and Control Systems 

Energy Internet of Things (E-IoT) 

Energy Market and Power System Economics 

Energy Storage 

Engineering Materials and Process 

Fuel Cells and Applications 

Industrial Process Control and Automation 

Intelligent Control Systems 

Mechatronics and Robotics 

Modeling, Simulation and Analysis 

Multi-Energy Systems 

Nuclear Energy 

Power Electronic Converters 

Power Generation and Sustainable Environment 

Power Quality and Electromagnetic Compatibility 

Power Planning and Scheduling 

Power Semiconductors  

Predictive Control 

Protection, Operation and Control 

Real-Time Control 

Reliability and Security 

Renewable Energy 

Sensors, Instruments and Measuring Technologies 

Smart Cities

Smart Grids 

Solar Energy and Photovoltaics 

Transmission and Distribution Systems 

Vehicle to Grid (V2G) 

Wind Energy