Guide for Authors

Guide for Authors

Guide for our Authors: 

Before handing in the manuscript, all authors are expected kindly to proceed a self-check. A thorough self-revise will be of great help to our peer reviewers’ work. While running a self-revise, we suggest checking key qualities such as:

1. Originality (No plagiarism, offer novel ideas, achieve advances…)

2. Accuracy (being Clear, well researched…)

3. Scientific soundness (Valid analysis, solid experiment design…)

4. Significance (important to the field…)

5. Audience (the priority audience of the paper should accord with those of the conference…)

6. Language (appropriate choice of words, proper grammar…)

7. Length (sufficient to support the subject)

8. Presentation (well-structured and balanced…)

Note: The qualities listed above are vital criteria of assessment during peer review.

● Authors must not submit manuscripts published elsewhere before. 

● Authors should ensure that their work is under our conference’s review only. Parallel submission will lead to immediate rejection of manuscripts.

● We suggest all authors should cross check the manuscripts with iThenticate before submission. (

● We consider contribution transparency in the authorship as a valuable asset. Our authorship standard will support those who achieved critical contributions to the paper. Besides the authorship, any individual who has provided contributions should be listed as co-authors. Present your author transparency via CRediT taxonomy. (CRediT – Contributor Roles Taxonomy (

The production process 

Your publication checklist:

Provide accurate proofreading and clearly mark any corrections as soon as possible.

When prompted, ensure you acknowledge any funding support.

Choose and arrange payment for open access as required.

Sign a license agreement.


1. Accepted article received in production

2. Copyediting and typesetting(bring the standard of the text up to the high level)

3. Proofing and corrections(your chance to give your article a last look,Corrections will be processed if needed)

4. Sign a license agreement

5. Early View Publication

5. Publish online

6. Index