Guide for Peer Reviewers

Guide for Peer Reviewers

Guide for Peer reviewers (single-blind)

CMT online peer review

The ethical policies:

  • Keep all details of the peer review process confidential, and the manuscripts should not be viewed by anyone else except from the reviewer themselves.

  • Leave the reviewing process sufficient time so it could be done before the deadline. When peer reviewers are not able to hand in the review report by the deadline, they should immediately inform the editors.

  • Any content obtained during peer review should not be used as personal research use

  • If any sign of interest conflict is detected, it should be revealed to the editor in a timely manner. Also, the reviewer should not be inclined to those who cited the reviewers’ work.

  • Every peer reviewer should provide explicit reasons included in the review report for the result. 

Review report requirement:

  • Consists of a summary followed by explanatory comments.

  • Give specific suggestions to papers that can be accepted after revision. 

  • Advices on papers should be specific to particular sentences or paragraphs. 

  • Write comments clearly and only in English for our authors may speak different languages.

  • Avoid complex glossaries. (might be perceived as offensive)

Note: Authors have the right to rebut the peer review result which could lead to second round of peer review, so make sure the report is apprehensible and constructive.

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