Review Process

Review Process

The peer review policy is set to ensure the quality and integrity during the reviewing process. All submissions are subject to a high-standard and unbiased review process, which is led by Organizing Committee and performed by assigned committee members and external invited reviewers. The integrity and objectivity of review work are of extreme importance for a reputable conference. 

Authors are expected to carry out a self-check before submitting their manuscripts. After the submission, they can expect a decision, or an explanation for the delay within a month of receipt. If a revision is invited, the revised manuscript should be submitted within two weeks.

The peer review process

According to the subject area, manuscripts submitted through online system will be directed to editors for pre-check, during which the language, completeness, relevance to the conference theme and quality of manuscript will be assessed. The initial check process takes no more than one week.

Once passing the pre-check process, the manuscripts will be assigned by editors to reviewers for peer review. Each paper will be reviewed by two peer reviewers at this stage. CoEEPE adheres to a 'single-blind' peer review, which means author names are shared with the reviewers however reviewer identities remain anonymous. During the process, the reviewer should describe their thought process by completing a review report including a summary, detailed comments on originality, data and methodology, significance, and presentation of the manuscript. A maximum of two rounds of major revision are normally provided for each paper. More rounds of revision may be carried out when they are required by the reviewer and get prior approval of the editor in charge.

Review report will be sent to the editor for assessment. The editor has the authority to make the final decision of a manuscript.

Authors will receive one of the following decisions:

  • Accept as it is

  • Accept with revision

  • Resubmit

  • Reject


  • If the two reviewers have conflicting opinions about a manuscript, an independent third reviewer will be appointed by the editor to review the manuscript.

  • The Editor is ultimately responsible for the selection of each accepted paper.

Peer Review System