History 2023

History 2023

The 2023 3rd International Joint Conference on Energy, Electrical and Power Engineering(CoEEPE 2023) has been held successfully in Melbourne, Australia on November 22-24, 2023. This event was organized by China Electrotechnical Society and The International Association of Electrical, Electronic and Energy Engineering (IAEEEE) and hosted by Anhui University, Wuhan University and Swinburne University of Technology.

Opening Speech

Prof. Jun Tao

Anhui University, China

Prof. Jason But

Swinburne University of

Technology, Australia

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Patrick C.K. Luk

Cranfield University, U.K

Prof. Xinghuo Yu

RMIT University, Australia

IEEE Fellow

Prof. Cheng Zhong

Harting Technology Group, Australia

Opening Speech + Keynote Session

Oral Session

Poster Session

Award Session

Best Online Paper

Paper ID: CE080

Paper Authors: Yongxiang Cai, Yu Fu, Yang Wang, Anjiang Liu, Hongwei Li, Jiakuan Ren & Yangquan Qu 

Paper Title: Short-Term PV Prediction Based on a Hybrid Algorithm Based on EMD-KPCA-LSTM network

Paper ID: CE071

Paper Authors: Shuai Ding, Bing Ji, Zhiqiang Wang, Kun Tan, Wenping Cao

Paper Title: The Gate Inductance Influence on IGBT Switching Performance under Current and Voltage Gate Drivers



Best Oral Paper

Paper ID: CE024

Paper Authors: John Gueritz, Zhijun Peng & Aliyu Aliyu

Paper Title: CFD Investigation into Hydrogen-Ammonia Stratification Combustion in IC Engine

Paper ID: CE025

Paper Authors: Yao Wei, Dongliang Ke, Kunkun Zuo, Fengxiang Wang & Ralph Kennel

Paper Title: Low Updating Frequency Model-Free Predictive Control using Time-Series Model on PMSM Drives



Paper ID: CE033

Paper Authors: Wenze Xu, Zexin Liu, Zhen Li & Zhenbin Zhang

Paper Title: An Optimal Scheduling Strategy for an Electric-Hydrogen System Considering Hybrid Energy Storage  

Paper ID: CE027

Paper Authors: Kai Liu, Wei Lu, Xiaoguo Chen, Fuzeng Zhang, Kai Zhou, Dezhu You, Yijian Li, Long Di, Yonghao Liu, Cheng Huang, Jiaxin Yuan & Guangchen Ma

Paper Title: A Novel Topology of Compact Magnetically Controlled Transformer

Best Poster Paper

Paper ID: CE048

Paper Authors: Yiqi Liu, Wei Liu, Mingfei Ban, Junyuan Zheng, Laicheng Yin, Jiayi Liu

Paper Title: Multi-Objective Optimization Scheduling Strategy Research for Integrated Energy Systems Based on Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell Stations

Paper ID: CE043

Paper Authors: Yuntao Gu, Zhile Yang, Yuanjun Guo, Wenjun Ding, Lan Cheng & Yu Liu 

Paper Title: Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Optimization Algorithm under Large Viewpoint Variations Scenes

Best Student Paper

Paper ID: CE051

Paper Authors: Bingying Zheng, Yihua Hu, and Mohammed Saeid Alkahtani

Paper Title: Critical Interplay of Dust Deposition and Operational Challenges in Large-Scale PV Plants

Paper ID: CE039

Paper Authors: Ruohan Guo, Yiming Xu & Weixiang Shen

Paper Title: An Electrode Aging Information-Embedded Rapid Sorting Approach for Second-Life Applications of Lithium-ion Batteries Retired from Electric Vehicles


Paper ID: CE086

Paper Authors: Shaocheng Li, Shu Yang, Weibing Hao, Guangwei Xu & Shibing Long

Paper Title: Vertical GaN Junction Barrier Schottky Diode with p-NiO/n-GaN Hetero-Junction

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