History 2022

History 2022

The 2nd International Joint Conference on Energy, Electrical and Power Engineering(CoEEPE 2022) has been held successfully in Beihai, China, on November 19-21, 2022. This event was organized by the International Association of Electrical, Electronic and Energy Engineering and China Electrotechnical Society (CES) and co-organized by Anhui University.

CoEEPE 2022

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Ron Hui

MediaTek Endowed 

Professor School of IEEE

Prof. Zhenbin Zhang

Shandong University
IEEE Senior Member

Prof. Pinjia Zhang

Tsinghua University

Prof. Patrick C.K. Luk

Cranfield University, U.K

Session Chairs

Pinjia Zhang

Tsinghua University

Wenping Cao

Anhui University

Zhenbin Zhang

Shandong University

Hao Li

Shanghai University of 

Electric Power

Xiaoyan Huang

Zhejiang University, China

Yiqi Liu

Northeast Forestry 


             Geye Lu

North China Electric 

Power University

      Fengxiang Wang

Hercynian Research 

Institute of Chinese 

Academy of Sciences

          Xiaoqiang Guo

Yanshan University

               Xi Tang

East China Normal 


Keynote Session + Oral Session

Break & Free Discussion

Photo Session

Congratulations to CoEEPE 2022 on your success and thanks again for your participation and support.


Award Session


Best Paper Award

Paper ID: CE109

Paper Authors: Yao Wei, Zhehan Ke, Dongliang Ke and Fengxiang Wang

Paper Title: Model-Free Predictive Control Strategy for PMSM Drives based on Recursive Extended Least Square

Paper ID: CE116

Paper Authors: Yiqi Liu, Laicheng Yin, Bingkun Li, Mingzhe Sun, Meiru Chen and Tianshi Guo

Paper Title: A Novel DC Energy Dissipation Topology and Control Method


Paper ID: CE166

Paper Authors: Geye Lu, Dayong Zheng and Pinjia Zhang

Paper Title: Applications and Prospects of Online Insulation Monitoring Technique based on Broadband

Frequency Response for Transformers in Voltage Source Converter System


Best Student Paper Award

Paper ID: CE110

Paper Authors: Kunkun Zuo, Long He, Fengxiang

Wang, Ralph Kennel and Marcelo Lobo Heldwein

Paper Title: Power Optimization Control with Tracking Differentiator for Interior Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor


Paper ID: CE238

Paper Authors: Han He, Qianli Xing, Zhenbin Zhang, Zhen Li, Rong Ye and Zhi Li

Paper Title: Power Optimization Control with Tracking Differentiator for Interior Permanent-Magnet Synchronous MotorA Hierarchical Fast Model Predictive Control for Cascaded H-Bridge SVG



Best Poster Award

Paper ID: CE092

Paper Authors: Xinyi Zhu, Shuai Wang, Xiaoqing Chen, Aiqiang Cheng, Haoran Li, Zhiliang Zhang and Xiaoyong Ren

Paper Title: Input current ripple reduction of DC/DC 


Paper ID: CE040

Paper Authors: Shilin Guo, Yang Peng, Zaiyi Gui and Jinsong Li

Paper Title: Analysis and Design of 1KV High Power-density DC-DC Brick Module with Three Level Half Bridge Topology and Phase Shift Modulation Strategy

Best Student Poster Award

Paper ID: CE241

Paper Authors: Yangyang Cui, Zhonggang Yin, Peien Luo and Yanping Zhang

Paper Title: Speed Fluctuation Suppression Strategy

of PMSM Based on Improved Linear Active Disturbance Rejection Control

Paper ID: CE108

Paper Authors: Yifan Deng, Wei Jiang, Lizong Zhang, Guangnan Shi, Peng Li and Pengcheng Sa

Paper Title: Distributionally Robust Self-scheduling of Small-scale Virtual Power Plants Considering Seasonal Variations


Conference Program

Publication & Index

2022 2nd International Joint Conference on Energy, Electrical and Power Engineering (CoEEPE 2022) has been published by Springer Book Series-Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering (Series ISSN: 1876-1100, Series E-ISSN:1876-1119).

Link: https://www.springer.com/series/7818 It has been indexed by Ei Compendex, SCOPUS and other citation databases.